Sequoya Further Expanding Client List in South Africa

author: Sequoya Admin

Exciting News, We’re Further Expanding Our Client List in Africa.
We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired a new client and further expanded our reach in South Africa. Just another milestone in our global sales expansion & demand for Sequoya CBD Oils & isolates products.

New Client Partnership in South Africa
We are delighted to welcome aboard our newest client, a well established partner in South Africa with distribution across the country. This collaboration represents a significant opportunity for growth and mutually beneficial partnership. With their innovative products & shared vision, we are confident that this partnership will yield remarkable results.

CBD Oils, Ful Spectrum, Pure Spectrum, PureCBD Isolate & MCT Oil for medical cannabis

CBD Oils, Full Spectrum, Pure Spectrum, PureCBD Isolate & MCT Oil for medical cannabis

Expanding into South Africa
This move aligns with our strategic objectives to diversify our client base and tap into new business opportunities around the world, expanding our presence into a vibrant and promising market. While the path to national access and uniform distribution is still in early stages the current market potential legal pharmaceutical market for hemp and cannabis in South Africa alone has been estimated at over R100 billion a year.

Delivering Quality CBD Products to S.A.

This new partnership heralds an agreement to supply a versatile range of medicinal products to patients in South Africa. From wholesale bulk CBD Concentrate Paste, CBD Isolate & CBD Distillate for on-location manufacturing of products intended for pharmacies to bottled & packaged products; in particular, Sequoya’s signature PureCBD Isolate & MCT oil packaged with syringe in 30ml bottles, bottled CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies.

Exploring New Horizons
Entering South Africa signifies a significant milestone in our global expansion journey. By further expanding out footing in this dynamic market, we aim to leverage its economic potential and emerging business landscape, legislation opening doors to supplying patients with CBD and strong local partners in South Africa. This move enables us to connect with new clients, understand local market nuances, and tailor our products to meet their specific needs.

Benefits for Our Clients
Expanding our sales map brings numerous benefits to our existing and potential customers. By partnering with our new Client, we are poised to offer innovative solutions that address their unique challenges and drive their success. With our South African partners having extensive distribution and on-location expertise, these advantages will be accessible to new clients to benefit from. Furthermore, our presence in South Africa allows us to better serve local clients, providing them with localized support, quicker response times, and tailored solutions.

CBD Capsules, CBD & THC Paste, Cannabidiol Oils private label & white label

CBD Capsules, CBD & THC Paste, Cannabiniol Oils private label & white label

Join Us on This Exciting Journey
We invite all our valued customers, partners, and stakeholders to join us on this exciting journey of growth and expansion. Together, we can explore new markets, forge strong business relationships, and seize opportunities that elevate our collective success.

Our Global Footprint
Sequoya has placed it’s products in over 265 clients in 25 countries worldwide, providing significant wealth of global insight into trends, best practices and a global network. With further expansion into South Africa to our sales map, we now have a wider global footprint, strengthening our position as a leading provider of CBD Extracts; such as, CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate and CBD Oils with a full range consisting of Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and PureCBD Isolate & MCT Oil. This achievement reflects our commitment to delivering excellence on a global scale and solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

The Future Looks Bright
We are filled with optimism and enthusiasm & confident that our new client partnership & expansion into South Africa will contribute significantly to our continued growth, further solidifying our position as a market leader and setting the stage for even greater achievements in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting venture and continue to evolve and grow together!