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Sequoya supplies Europe's biggest brands with CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD broad spectrum in bulk & Supplement Gummies Private Label

CBD Wholesale & CBD Private Label

Europe's Leading Wholesale CBD Manufacturer for International Clients

Sequoya is an end-to-end producer & CBD wholesale supplier of cannabinoid extracts, CBD distillates and CBD isolates to major consumer brands in Europe.

Europe's Top Wholesale Cannabinoids Producer

Sequoya Biotechnologies has taken the Europe’s top position as a contract manufacturer of a wide range of White Label CBD products, and custom private label CBD products. Offering the widest range of White Label CBD products and over 300 developed formulations innovating new CBD Private Label products.

The European leader in wholesale cannabinoid products

Sequoya is the leading supplier of wholesale cannabinoid products manufactured for major brands, to full-service private label manufacturing for medium sized brands. Sequoya is the trusted partner for leading consumer goods manufacturers across the globe.

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Wholesale Cannabinoid Products

Our European CBD production facility mass produces in demand products supplying some of Europe's largest consumer brand manufacturers in cosmetics, supplements & pharmaceutical industries



CBD Full Spectrum Oil is the original product, one could say the ‘grandfather’ of CBD products & still the most popular products across markets worldwide. CBD Full Spectrum Oil (sold wholesale or packaged private label), as the name implies is one of the purest forms a consumer can obtain CBD given that it contains the Full Spectrum of extracted cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids naturally occurring in cannabis plant (included CBD- cannabichromene, CBG- cannabigerol, CBDV- cannabidivarin, BCP- ß-caryophyllene) which some consider to be complementary. Our products are available in concentration levels desired by the client, up to 30%, without the use of isolates or other non-natural additives. Good quality CBD Full Spectrum is characterized by taste and aroma (both ranging from light to more intense and bitter) and its colour (ranging from light yellow, to orange or burgundy to light green). To obtain the highest & natural quality Sequoya uses clean CO2 SFE Extraction process along with proprietary filtration methods to produce a Full Spectrum CBD Oil with the taste, odor and colour desired by the client.


Sequoya’s most popular product is CBD isolate and comes in fine powder form, completely odorless and crystal white colour and high stable compound. It’s therefore extremely versatile in use across many consumer products; including, cosmetics, food & beverage, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

With greater than 99.5% purity, our hemp extract isolates (including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN to name a few) are extracted using only clean technologies in a highly controlled EU GMP certified facility. Purified to containing over 99.8% CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC or CBN isolate that comes in a pure white crystalline or powder form, Sequoya’s Isolates are derived entirely from European sanctioned industrial hemp strains.


Seqcanna-vape is an e-liquid developed for use in CBD vape products and uniquely available from Sequoya. This CBD e-liquid product can be ordered with various flavours as a formula ready for application in CBD Vape consumer products. The CBD Vaping market has become vastly popular & Sequoya recognises that vape product manufacturers & vape brands seek e-liquid producers that are innovative, standardized and fully legal. Our CBD e-liquid product is designed to be safe, 100% legal & EU compliant and ultra high quality. Sequoya offers various flavours & can adjust the formula based on client needs.


Broad Spectrum is quickly becoming a sought after product as it’s close to Full-Spectrum though without THC. This offers a balance rich in cannabinoids & compliant with regulations across borders for international distribution. We supply in bulk & private label in concentrations from 2% to 30% and can adjust the colour depending on client needs. Sequoya’s Broad Spectrum oil is extracted similarly to Full spectrum, though undergoes additional refinement stages removing traces of the psychoactive compound. This product is widely used across various consumer products in cosmetics & supplements.


This product comes highly concentrated, ranging in 65% to 85% CBD while preserving the natural terpenoids & other plant compounds producing a clear gold CBD Oil. This offers a good balance of a product rich in cannabinoids while compliant with regulations across Europe. CBD Distillate is commonly diluted to lesser concentrations based on the manufacturers needs across their product lines. Our laboratory staff can adjust the colour depending on client needs from light, golden to darker colours. This product is widely used across various consumer products in cosmetics & supplements.


Hemp Terpenes, otherwise known as terpenoids, are volatile organic compounds that emit a range of aromas. Hemp terpenes are gaining popularity among Food & Beverage products as an alternative to CBD, including drinks, alcoholic beverages (beer & liquor) and sweets such as chocolate and candy. Hemp Terpenes are also used common in luxury cosmetics, supplements and vape products. Acquiring terpenes from the hemp plant properly requires a far more delicate process than cannabinoids & our CO2 subcritical extraction technology is ideally suited. Using a controlled low heat, low pressure approach extracted terpene profile repeats the exact flower terpene profile in approximately 30 to 40 times more concentrated form. Our lab offers terpene concentrates in a wide range of terpenes at the client’s request.


Quality Tested. Documented. Accredited.

Sequoya is Europe’s leading supplier of wholesale cannabinoid products to consumer brand manufacturers in Europe, North America & Asia.

From bulk CBD to full-service CBD private label bottling, labeling & packaging for small to medium sized brands.

Sequoya is the trusted partner for leading consumer goods manufacturers across the globe.

  • Application
  • Products suitable for use in cosmetics, supplements, pharma, food & beverage
  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Our products are assured 100% legal in the EU. Products with THC have max. .2% legally permitted. Certain products no THC (i.e.: Broad/Distillate)
  • COA Documentation
  • Sequoya's facilities are 100% GMP Certified, HACCP & Cosmetics compliant, we offers full COA documentation with all products.
  • CO2 Extraction via Canadian Technologies
  • Using Canadian CO2 extraction technologies offers consistency & 100% pure extracts. Including pure hemp Terpenes for use in cosmetics, food & supplements.
  • Certified EU Strains
  • Sequoya uses strictly sourced biomass derived from European sanctioned industrial hemp verities for full compliance transferred to our clients.

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European CBD Industry News & Articles

Utilizing the most advanced industry CO2 extraction methods and technologies along with a full scale state-of-the-art CBD production laboratory Sequoya delivers a wide range of hemp derived ingredients in wholesale and ‘Ready for Retail’ CBD private label options for consumer goods manufacturers in Europe.



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