White Label CBD Capsules

Quality CBD Oil in Softgel Capsules for Premium Brands. Sequoya Supplies Europe's Biggest Brands with CBD Capsules as Supplements & Pharmaceuticals

Europe's Top Producer of White Label CBD Capsules

White Label CBD Capsules & Full Range of Private Label Dietary Supplement Gummies

From White Label CBD Capsules

Our European lab produces a wide range of white label & custom private label CBD retail products; as well as, mainstream dietary supplements on a contract manufacturing basis for brands in Europe and globally.

We are currently Europe’s top contract manufacturing supplier of White Label CBD capsules & Dietary Supplement Gummies, with a very wide range of everyday dietary supplement gummies without CBD.

All CBD products are packaged for retail & labelled under our clients branding & label or may be sold in bulk / wholesale. We offer a range of packaging options and lead delivery times are some of the fastest in the industry. All supplement products are produced under strict European manufacturing standards and code, certified GMP and ISO.


Launch a Complete Range of CBD Softgel Capsules

Sequoya enables brands to launch a complete line of white label CBD capsules & gummies as everyday dietary supplement products or sports nutrition products. For clients looking for specific formulations our CBD contract manufacturing services have them covered with custom private label CBD gummies and CBD capsules or any new dietary product formulas.

White Label CBD Softgel Capsules

Supplement Private Label “ Ready for Retail ” with your brand. Select from a full range of supplement gummies for Sports Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Caffeine Gummies & Children's Supplement Gummies

White Label Softgel Capsules

Our CBD softgel capsules are available in 3 CBD oil varieties & all made of Sequoya’s highest quality CBD oils to deliver the maximum potency & effectiveness. We apply the same quality products as for Sequoya’s renowned CBD Oil Tinctures used in retail & pharmacies.

Three CBD Capsule Varieties are 1) Full Spectrum CBD Oil Capsules 2) BROAD Spectrum CBD Oil Capsules 3) PureCBD Isolate + Oil Capsules

Cannabinol (CBD) in the form softgel capsules offer many advantages for consumers, including added convenience and perfect dosing each and every time. Offering added convenience in all circumstances and staying in tune with today’s changing consumer routines & lifestyle habits,

Ideal for
Dietary Supplements
Pharmacy Chains
Sports Nutrition
Wellness Supplements

European GMP & ISO Certified

CBD Softgel Capsules for Retail & Pharmacies


Sequoya CBD Gels Capsules are made with the highest grade True Full Spectrum cannabinol (CBD) containing a rich composition of all cannabinoids.

This product contains the maximum allowed THC levels (0.2%). Ideal for maximum effect but may not be suitable for all retail distribution channels.

This Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our premium oil,  harnessing 97% of the plant but filtering 3 times for maximum purity and consistency.

Cannabidiol: 10mg / 20mg
Hemp Cannabinoids: Full Spectrum
Per packaging: 60
EA. Capsule: 450mg,
Net weight: 150 g
Packaging: 250 ml


Sequoya CBD Gels Capsules are made with the highest grade True BROAD Spectrum cannabinol (CBD) containing a rich composition of all cannabinoids, less the THC present in Full Spectrum.

This product reduced THC levels  to below 0.05%. For better compliance with traditional retail store distribution.

This BROAD Spectrum CBD Oil is our premium oil,  harnessing 97% of the plant but filtering 3 times for maximum purity.

Cannabidiol: 10mg / 20mg
Hemp Cannabinoids: Full Spectrum
Per packaging: 60
EA. Capsule: 450mg,
Net weight: 150 g
Packaging: 250 ml


Sequoya’s CBD Capsules with our PureCBD product, CBD Isolate homogenised with hemp seed oil or MCT oil.

PureCBD+Oil (CBD Isolate) which has zero psychoactive compound THC for the absolute compliance via retail FMCG stores.

Our PureCBD Isolate is used in supplements & medical products & is pharmaceutical grade purity of 99.2%

Cannabidiol: 10mg / 20mg
Hemp Cannabinoids: Full Spectrum
Per packaging: 60
EA. Gum: 2.5G,
Net weight: 150 g
Packaging: 250 ml

Wide range of formulation options

A Full Range of Supplements Products

White Label CBD Softgel Capsules

Our European contract manufacturing facility produces CBD softgel capsules in 10mg & 20mg dosages.

Our white label CBD softgel capsules are our flagship product for sports nutrition & dietary supplement brands, supplied to major markets in Europe; namely, Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain. However, equally popular in global markets; such as, Asia, South America (Brazil) and North America (United Staed & Canada).

European white label capsules are ideal for:

Sports Nutrition Supplement Brands
Dietary Supplements Brands
CBD Wellness Brands


Custom Private Label CBD Capsules

Among Sequoya’s strengths is our custom formula versatility & standardised quality at any scale. Our European contract manufacturing facility produces a broad range of Dietary Supplement Gummies.

With this approach we have developed over 300+ formulations of CBD Oils, CBD Softgel Capsules for brands in Europe and indeed worldwide. This includes CBD capsules in various dose concentrations and added active ingredients with more complex supplement formulas; such as, melatonin, valerian root, lemon balm, ginseng to name a few.

As brands look to stay ahead of the curve an increase in clients and orders are requested as custom Private Label Capsules with the clients unique formula consisting of new ingredients, ratios and gummy shape. We offer limitless production capabilities for dietary supplement gummies.



Quality Tested. Documented. Accredited.

Sequoya is Europe’s leading supplier of wholesale cannabinoid products to consumer brand manufacturers in Europe, North America & Asia.

From bulk CBD to full-service CBD private label bottling, labeling & packaging for small to medium sized brands.

Sequoya is the trusted partner for leading consumer goods manufacturers across the globe.

  • Application
  • Products suitable for use in cosmetics, supplements, pharma, food & beverage
  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Our products are assured 100% legal in the EU. Products with THC have max. .2% legally permitted. Certain products no THC (i.e.: Broad/Distillate)
  • COA Documentation
  • Sequoya's facilities are 100% GMP Certified, HACCP & Cosmetics compliant, we offers full COA documentation with all products.
  • CO2 Extraction via Canadian Technologies
  • Using Canadian CO2 extraction technologies offers consistency & 100% pure extracts. Including pure hemp Terpenes for use in cosmetics, food & supplements.
  • Certified EU Strains
  • Sequoya uses strictly sourced biomass derived from European sanctioned industrial hemp verities for full compliance transferred to our clients.

We produce, label, package, you handle sales

Contact us & find out how we customize each order

Utilizing the most advanced industry CO2 extraction methods and technologies along with a full scale state-of-the-art CBD production laboratory Sequoya delivers a wide range of hemp derived ingredients in wholesale and ‘Ready for Retail’ CBD private label options for consumer goods manufacturers in Europe.



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