Premium White Label CBD Oils, Capsules & Gummies

Sequoya offers Europe's most versatile range of white label & private label CBD products on a contract manufacturing basis.


Premium White Label & Custom Private Label CBD Products
Contract Manufacturing with Convenience & Flexibility

A Full Range of White Label Cannabinoid (CBD) Consumer Wellness & Medicinal Products

Sequoya Biotechnologies offers customizable white label cannabinoid (CBD) products with a broad range of product categories; for medicinal, supplement, sports nutrition and wellness.

We have standardized many formulas with cannabinoids (CBD, CBN. CBG etc.) & terpenes, herbal supplement active ingredients, vitamins and flavours. Allowing clients to put together their own product by selecting ingredients and quickly make an order with their unique product.

Included a full range of non-CBD, mainstream dietary supplement products for consumers and medicinal products for patients.

A Full Range of CBD Products in 3 Categories

Build a complete range of over 300 premium CBD supplements ranging from CBD Oils, CBD Capsules to CBD Gummies

White Label CBD Products with Custom Formula Options

Customise your CBD product line for your market and industry using either our set of standardised ingredients or work with us to develop a completely unique custom private label CBD Oil products.

Ease of White Label, Versatility of Private Label

Most Sequoya white label products come with a range of optional ingredients clients may use to customise their white label products. From cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN etc.), hemp terpenes to common supplements (ginseng, valeriant root etc.), ADEK vitamins and flavours.

We're here to help you launch innovate CBD products, industry compliant and deliver them quickly & always on time.

Our state-of-the-art European facility is GMP certified and ISO accredited with a capacity to scale manufacturing to mass producing to any scale required. We are a mass producer of innovative hemp extracts, cannabinoid ingredients and custom formulations combining CBD & various herbal supplement active ingredients based on plant extracts for broad applications. Specializing in hemp (CBD, Terpenes) & cannabis extracts (THC), Sequoya equally produces mainstream herbal supplement bioingredient extracts & custom formulations for pharmaceutical and consumer product applications.

Sequoya works closely with consumer product manufacturers & pharmaceuticals worldwide specifically in Supplements, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages by supplying quality extracts, custom formulations and finished products for mass distribution in global markets.

European Quality Standards & Compliance

Our Sequoya facility is certified and compliant with the highest European manufacturing standards. Our European CBD products contract manufacturing facility sets the bar on quality far beyond the required quality standards.

Sequoya’s European contract manufacturing facility is EU GMP Certified with regular audits and ISO Accredited by Europe’s most reputable auditor SGS. Other essential manufacturing & quality standards include HACCP and a commercial cannabis THC  and narcotics permit from the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of Poland.

Our European CBD product manufacturing team has developed proprietary manufacturing methods for CBD Oils, CBD Distillate and CBD Paste. These production methods deliver quality, consistency & accuracy at unprecedented levels.

Cannabis THC & Narcotics Permit & Certification By The National Pharmaceutical Council

Sequoya’s European Manufacturing facility is certified for commercial processing & distribution of hemp & cannabis containing THC by Poland’s Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

This permit is essential not only for producing medicines but equally essential for extracting, manufacturing and distributing non-psychoactive ingredients from hemp & cannabis such as CBD for consumer and medicinal products.

Advanced Natural Ingredient Formulation Development

We have developed over 350 custom formulations for global clients using natural ingredients, many ingredients extracted directly in our Polish facility, refined and combined into novel formulas for use in consumer & medicinal products.

Sequoya Biotechnologies leads European innovation of novel formulas towards more effective cannabis & herbal bioingredient medicines & continually evolving product development to improve active ingredient availability in products.

Our successes in innovating new effective formulas come thanks proprietary development & manufacturing along the entire process. From plant biomass extraction methods that capture the plants ingredients & terpenes to laboratory methods that refined & standardise for mass production, our processes are designed to innovate pioneering products for consumers to patients. 

Cannabinoid R&D and Analysis

Sequoya’s cannabinoid & terpene Research & Development is second to one. Our Analysis Department applies proprietary methods and processes in all areas to deliver the highest grade of products, perfect product purity & accuracy, unparalleled batch-to-batch consistency and finally delivering efficiency in manufacturing to ensure costs of production is reduced at any order scale.

As a certified EU GMP facility our standardized Quality Control & Analysis Dept does cannabinoid analysis services for consumer goods producers across Europe. Our Quality Analysis & Quality Control team conducts a wide range of cannabinoid analysis & validation services for both consumer goods producers, pharmaceutical majors and universities across Europe.

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Sequoya Biotechnologies, is Europe's Top Contract Manufacturer of Custom Private Label & Wholesale Cannabinoid Ingredients

Europe's Leading Contract Manufacturing Partner

Seeking a custom private label contract manufacturing partner? We have developed over 400 custom formulas for clients worldwide in a variety of industries.

Our company proudly works with clients in nearly every European country and over 260 clients in 24 countries worldwide.

Our team at Sequoya Biotechnologies works closely with pharmaceutical clients & consumer goods companies to deliver innovate large scale cannabinoid based products for global markets.

In only 4 years our company has grown across the globe, Sequoya has taken the Europe’s top position as a contract manufacturer of a wide range of White Label CBD products, and custom private label CBD products. Offering the widest range of White Label CBD products and over 300 developed formulations innovating new CBD Private Label products.

If you are seeking cannabinoid active ingredients like CBD Isolate or CBD Distillate please contact our European offices.

Cannabinoid Active Ingredients & Terpenes

Sequoya Biotechnologies is Europe’s largest producer of cannabinoid active ingredients & natural hemp & cannabis terpene extracts.

Our European facility is an End-to-End producer, from hemp & cannabis biomass to final highly refined active ingredients for applications in various industries and product categories. The most common being CBD (cannabinol), CBG, CBN, CBC, THC. These products are available as purified isolates and distillates. We apply specific manufacturing standards based on the intended application, from cannabis pharmaceuticals & medicines to supplements & nutraceuticals.

Sequoya is also the largest mass producer of Hemp Natural Aroma Terpene Extracts, applied in Food & Beverage industries, as well as vaping and a range of other novel applications.

If you are seeking cannabinoid active ingredients like CBD Isolate or CBD Distillate please contact our European offices.