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With a footing in both Canada and Europe, Sequoya Biotechnologies has positioned in the heart of two of the world's most active markets for cannabinoid product innovation, medicine development & CBD brand trends across continental markets.

Sequoya’s European Cannabinoid Contract Manufacturing Facility is a State-of-the-Art CBD & Cannabinoid Production Laboratory, supplying products to over 260 clients in 24 countries worldwide. From White Label CBD Oils, custom Private Label CBD Oils, a range of CBD capsules CBD Gummies for consumer based retail brands and cannabinoid active ingredients for medicinal / pharmaceutical companies worldwide.



Innovation. Standards. Compliance.

Sequoya’s European State-of-the-Art Cannabinoid Manufacturing Facility places Sequoya in heart of the world’s largest legal market for cannabinoid products & medicines. Sequoya is the leading producer of hemp CBD Oil extracts & cannabis active ingredients (CBD isolate, Distillate) supplying major consumer goods manufacturers, pharmacy chains and pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Our European facility is located in Poland, a heavily science oriented market and leading EU country for pharmaceutical research, innovation and manufacturing. Our Polish location has drawn incredible talent, which has been the foundation for becoming a pioneer in cannabinoids, terpenes and natural plant active ingredient formulations in Europe.

Sequoya Biotechnologies is a pioneer on many levels, namely, we are the largest extraction & cannabis processing facility in Europe, the first company to obtain a commercial THC and Cannabis Narcotic Permit from the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF) in Poland, having developed 300+ cannabinoid formulations for clients, the first EU company to create formulations combining CBD & many widely used herbal supplements into new hybrid supplement products.

Sequoya was built on the foundation of being an innovator for new cannabinoid formulations, CBD product development versatility while delivering the safest, most effective hemp and cannabis products & medicines to consumers and patients. While ensuring the most efficient manufacturing methods so that these premium products are available to everyone, via many brands and channels at reasonable prices without compromising quality.

Our company’s European presence enables access to one of the world’s biggest growth markets in CBD while Sequoya’s Poland based EU GMP, certified facility is Europe’s most advanced hemp extracts producer. Sequoya has positioned itself as the region’s leader and primary supplier of quality hemp extracts, concentrates and isolates to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage industries across Europe.

Spanning Canada & Europe

Sequoya Biotechnologies has positioned in the heart of two of the world’s most active markets for cannabinoid product innovation, medicine development and legislative compliance as a clear framework forward.

Sequoya Biotechnologies is a Canadian company with primary production facilities in Europe. The European location was build to be one of the most advanced contract manufacturing facilities in Europe, capable to develop products & active ingredients for pharmaceuticals, supplement brands and pure play CBD brands worldwide.

With a presence in Canada and Europe, Sequoya draws the best of both worlds that ultimately brings substantial value to our clients.

Sequoya’s European entities include the White Label/Custom Private Label Contract Manufacturing business, registered as Sequoya Europe Sp zoo and it’s retail arm Sequoyalife sp zoo, both located in the south of Poland. Sequoya draws from its Canadian presence and management DNA enabling the company the know-how of Canada’s cannabis market and financial markets while building a world class CBD formulation & innovation facility in the heart of Europe.







Spanning Canada & Europe

Having a firm footing in both North America and Europe offers the company a tremendous advantage of direct access to these markets, local presence and market knowledge and the ability to take advantage of differentiating opportunities in both markets.

quote sign Sequoya is defined by brilliant people motivated to be at the forefront in all areas of the cannabis & hemp business, pioneering the hemp & cannabis industry achieved by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in extraction, advanced formulations, production efficiency while leading the industry in the highest uncompromised standards. We achieve all the above as a group not as the individual.
Shemek Fedyczkowski CEO

Values. Drive for Innovation. Uncompromised Standards.

Sequoya was built on the foundation of delivering the safest, most effective cannabinoid products and medicine at costs enabling broad accessibility for all people.

At Sequoya we are acutely aware on the fact that our cannabinoid extracts end up in medicinal drugs & consumer products used by patients & consumers worldwide. We take great care ensuring our products stand up to the highest possible quality, safety and production standards in all the industries we serve; including, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics & Supplements.

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