Ashwagandha Extract Oil

Unlock Ayurveda's Secrets with Ashwagandha CO₂ Extract - Experience the Standardized Withanolide Formula for High Bioavailability and Stress Relief

White Label Ashwagandha Extract for Leading Brands

Standardized withanolide formula

Each serving of the product delivers a precisely defined amount of these rich active compounds. Withanolides have adaptogenic properties and are the main active substances contained in ashwagandha, which contribute to its beneficial efects on the mind & body through stress relief.

Ashwagandha's Liquid Edge

The exceptional, liquid form of standardized extract allows for better utilization of ashwagandha’s potential. With its liquid form, the body can better absorb active ingredients, leading to faster and more effective support for the body. This product is 100% vegan and vegetarian.

Stress-Defying Ashwagandha

Scientific research highlights a range of potential benefits from regular supplementation of ashwagandha, including:

– Strengthening natural immune system
– Reducing tension
– Supporting emotional balance
– Improving adaptability to stress
– Supporting the nervous system
– Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

White Label Solutions

Create Premium Ashwagandha product

Customise your solution for your market and industry using either our set of standardised ingredients or work with us to develop a completely unique custom private label for Ashwagandha products.

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