Our Cannabinoid Active Ingredients for Medicines & White Label CBD Products Behind 10,000 Products Worldwide

Innovative Production of Cannabinoid Active Ingredients & Contract Manufacturing Formulations of Novel Medicines & White Label CBD Products

Innovating bioingredients
for medicines & consumer products supplying supplements, F&B
and Pharmaceuticals

Custom formulations and R&D innovation across the product lifecycle

Sequoya is a European leading contract manufacturer of White Label & Custom Private Label CBD products. Our state-of-the art EU facility produces cannabis active ingredients; cannabinoids & terpenes for pharmaceutical & supplement companies worldwide.


Suppling over 250 leading brands & product companies in supplements, pharmaceuticals & food & beverage industry in 24 countries worldwide.

A Leading Supplyer Across Industries

In the heart of Europe, specializes in innovative, high volume hemp & cannabis cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC), natural hemp aroma terpene extracts and both White Label & Private Label Supplements. Sequoya is an end-to-end GMP Certified contract manufacturer, processor & supplier of superior quality hemp & cannabis extracts, full-spectrum CBD, CBG, CBN oils, hemp oil distillates, CBD isolates and hemp aroma terpene extracts to the biggest brands in the global food & beverage, supplements, nutraceutical & pharma industries.


In the highest possible standards aimed at supplying major Pharmaceutical & consumer goods manufacturers worldwide. Specializing in high grade formulated CBD extracts, Sequoya is an end-to-end GMP Certified manufacturer, processor & supplier of superior quality hemp extracts, concentrates and isolates to the biggest brands in the global cosmetics, food & beverage, nutraceutical & pharma industries.

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QualityInnovation Compliance

European State-of-the-Art Cannabinoid Manufacturing

The Sequoya Biotechnologies European facility delivers best-in-class cannabinoid active ingredient production & end-to-end contract manufacturing.

Sequoya was built from the ground up to innovate and set the standard that drives the industry forward with novel CBD products & cannabinoid medicines. Sequoya’s proprietary & versatile facilitates developing and mass-manufacturing cannabinoid active ingredients & new plant derived bioingredients to developing novel formulations.

With Sequoya’s CBD contract manufacturing versatility we have developed over 300 custom CBD & cannabinoids and produced many more products and medicines. Including Premium White Label CBD Oils and custom Private Label CBD Oils for use by CBD brands & pharmaceuticals. With many base products options, incl. Full Spectrum CBD Oils, Broad Spectrum CBD Oils and PureCBD Isolate + MCT Oils of Hemp Seed oil. Sequoya supply global Supplement brands with a very broad variety of products such as CBD Capsules & CBD Gummies

The difference of an unwavering commitment to quality & consistency

Sequoya is fully EU GMP Certified, HACCP Certified & ISO accredited. Sequoya holds a cannabis THC & Narcotics Permit for the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF) of the Government of Poland with all audits up to date. Our company is fully compliant in collaborating with pharmaceutical partners worldwide.

With a footing in Canada and Europe,
Sequoya supplies global consumer packaged goods manufacturers with a broad range of products, i.e.: Private Label CBD Oils & Gummy Supplements to highly refined hemp extracts such as CBD isolate, terpenes, distillate worldwide.

Are you a Consumer Packaged Goods’ company looking to learn about terpene aromas and how they are redefining today's food and beverage industry? This quick guide will come in handy.

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