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Pioneering Contract Manufacturing
Private Label Supplements & Plant Medicines

Producing Innovative Products For Leading Brands & Pharmaceuticals

End-to-End Manufacturing. From Active Ingredients, to Novel Formulas to Retail Packaged Products.

Sequoya’s product development & contract manufacturing experience combines years of deep expertise in producing natural bioingredients & developing novel formulas.
Our expertise and holistic approach has lead to launching thousands of market leading dietary supplements, sports nutrition and herbal medicinal products for markets worldwide. Including specializing in cannabinoids & final CBD products.

Supplying All Supplement Product Categories to Brands Worldwide

Dietary Supplements

Wellness Dietary Supplements & Pure Nutraceuticals

Elevate your supplement product line with trending with the evolution of supplements infused in gummies. From white label products to custom private label formulas.
We specialize in producing high-quality, clean label dietary supplements infused in gummies. Choose from a wide range of ingredients & vitamins, tailored to your needs.

Sports Nutrition

Performance Enhancement, Vitamins & Minerals

Launch new competitive sports nutrition supplements while reducing your costs.
Choose from readily available white label products to custom private label formulas.
We specialize in producing high-quality, low-cost sports supplements. Choose from a wide range of packaging options suited to your brand.

CBD Products

Cannabinoid Ingredients, CBD Products & Herbal Medicines

Sequoya’s European state-of-the-art facilities have pioneered cannabinoid active ingredients, formulas and has developed over 12 hemp & cannabis products for consumers & patients.
Proprietary methods deliver the richest cannabinoid profiles, spec precision and batch consistency.
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Infinite Formula & Product Possibilities,
Europe's Leading Contract Manufacturing Partner

We're here to help you launch innovative supplement products & new medicines and deliver them as planned & always on time.

Sequoya works closely with consumer product brands & pharmaceuticals worldwide specifically in Supplements, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages by supplying quality extracts, custom formulations and finished products for mass distribution in global markets. Specializing in functional herbal supplement bioingredient extracts & custom nutraceutical formulations for pharmaceutical and consumer supplement products.

Sequoya Biotechnologies’ state-of-the-art European facility has developed the specialization to innovate and processes to deliver accurate results on time and on budget no matter the scale.

Our team has developed significant advancements in hemp derivatives such as cannabinoids & terpenes, including cannabis extracts (THC).

European Quality Standards & Compliance

Sequoya European facility is certified and compliant with the highest European manufacturing standards. Our European contract manufacturing facility sets the bar on quality far beyond the required quality standards.

Sequoya’s European contract manufacturing facility is EU GMP Certified and ISO Accredited. Other essential manufacturing & quality standards include HACCP and a commercial cannabis THC  and narcotics permit from the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of Poland.

Advanced Novel Formula Development from Plant to Product

Extracting Medicinal Ingredients

Ayurveda Plants, Mushroom Compounds, Cannabinoids

Sequoya has deep expertise in harnessing and producing active ingredients derived from plants that hold medicinal properties. Our core expertise lays in producing highly refined cannabinoid & terpene ingredients derived cannabis and hemp. Incl. CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Oils and Distillates. This expertise lends itself to a range of herbs, plants who’s medicinal compounds are used in medicines and supplements.

Sequoya develops ingredients into new formulas that are packaged for sale as medicines and consumer products. Example ingredients include Full Spectrum oils, hemp terpene extracts or distillates with specific cannabinoid profiles, and these may be formulated with limitless compounds producing a unique formula.

The process from start to finish aims at achieving goals defined by the clients, whilst our experienced team applies it’s expertise to help guide the product to perfection from a quality, scalability and manufacturing efficiency perspective.

From defining the correct extraction parameters that target & capture the intended compound profiles to standardising ingredients for applications intended by the client. Our expertise in harnessing active ingredients delivers limitless potential in both research and producing novel medicines and consumer products.

Private Label Functional Supplements

Custom Supplement Formulas to Private Label Functional Capsules, OIL & Gummies

Our new product development process applies proprietary methods & years of expertise in new wellness products, novel medicines and unique products with new & improved qualities through custom formulations packaged in  capsules, gummies and CBD Oils.

Our proprietary private label manufacturing methods are designed to deliver a limitless level of versatility that extends beyond using CBD, THC or other cannabinoids and terpenes.

This versatility delivers to a wide range of private label products, including CBD Oils, CBD softgel capsules, supplement gummies with effectively limitless formulas and applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals, supplements & sports nutrition.

Our services are designed to deliver effective & consistent medicines & excellent quality products from plant to product with the best cost efficiency. Our expertise is rooted in producing cannabis and hemp derivatives (such as CBD, THC) products from the plant biomass, through custom formulations and final final product packaging.

The process applies in-house R&D and quality control & quality assurance delivering limitless possibilities while ensuring the highest accuracy & and consistency and finally scalability all with equal importance.

We redefined private label contract manufacturing that raises the bar in what clients can expect in pharmaceuticals, medicines, supplements & sports nutrition.


While working on tailor made formulations for clients our research & development department provides custom formulations and unique novel solutions throughout the beginning to end product development lifecycle. Developing for medicinal, pharmacy and major consumer goods producers aiming to launch new product lines with cannabis or hemp derivatives containing CBD or other cannabinoid compounds, our role is that of the subject matter expert in hemp extract ingredients, formulations and ultimately mass production.

Infinite Private Label Product Possibilities & Scale

Sequoya & it’s CBD product development team has extensive experience in innovating private label products for sale as medicines & consumer products with cannabinoids being the primary active ingredient. Many private label CBD products ultimately comprise of 3 to 10 ingredients.

For faster time-to-market a client may request an existing range of over 300+ active ingredient formulas or opt for custom formulas applied in private label products ranging from Tincture Oils, Softgel Capsules and Functional CBD Gummies or Hemp Terpene Gummies in various shares and sizes.

Sequoya has develops formulas and ingredients that may be packaged in gummies, softgel capsules or tinctures oils with added ingredients like flavours, or additional properties delivering improved bioavailability. All solutions are standardised and scalable medicines and consumer products with a range of BioActive ingredients. Our CBD product development staff has extensive experience in innovating new formulas and final products as medicines & consumer products with cannabinoids from hemp / cannabis being the primary active ingredient but often not the only active ingredient.

Working with clients in pharmaceuticals, supplements and food & beverage our research & development & custom manufacturing of custom formulations producing unique novel solutions throughout the beginning to end product development lifecycle. Sequoya produces custom formulations as the ‘secret – sauce’ ingredient for medicines & major consumer goods producers and their new innovative products.

Ingredient & Formulations with Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Adaptogens

Sequoya specialises in developing custom active ingredients and formulations with cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, hemp terpenes as well as adaptogens ingredients derived from medicinal plants. Our laboratory manufactures broad scope of ingredients, from specific cannabinoid profiles (Full Spectrum Oil, isolated CBD, Distillate to specification) as well as more complex requirements related to other ingredients or absorption in specific applications.

Sequoya’s modern cannabinoid formulations laboratory employs proprietary ingredient manufacturing methods enabling a broad range of plant ingredient development for medicines, consumer products and research & development. Our unique & highly proven methods allow a high degree of versatility & accuracy in active ingredient development.

Our methods enable us to target from basic cannabinoid & terpene profiles, or more complex goals; such as, ingredient solubility with respect to other ingredients and bioavailability with in human body with specific applications in mind.

Private Label Cannabidiol Oils

Sequoya Biotechnologies has developed the industries most cannabinoid rich and ultimately effective CBD Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum Oils. The highly established methods for manufacturing & innovating cannabinoid oils through extensive research & development and proprietary techniques enable absolute control over cannabinoids, terpenes and cannabis plant compounds. Delivering CBD Full Spectrum Oils to for premium CBD Private Label Brands or medical applications across the spectrum of today’s applied prescriptions for patients.

In addition to highly effective CBD, CBG and THC Oils, the proprietary manufacturing process employs triple filtration to remove undesired aspects of the plant; such as, plant waxes or chlorophyl. Resulting in CBD Oils of the purest consistency available, void of chlorophyl. In addition to the primary active ingredient, cannabinol or other cannabinoids our standardised formulas may include herbal extracts, vitamins and flavours. Clients may employ the latest trends or medicinal solutions, for example combing CBD Broad Spectrum Oils with Ginseng, Vitamin D and Orange flavour.

However, there are more than 300 formula options already standardised and an infinite range of possibilities at the clients request.

End-to-End Private Label Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing service starts at the raw natural plant through to final private label packaged product, whether that’s a medicine, pharmaceutical ingredient or private label consumer product for sports nutrition or dietary supplement. In many cases we start by harnessing active ingredient compounds directly from the plant, capturing the full richness of compounds. the later stages separate the desired compounds for reinternment into an ingredient and ultimately into a formula consisting of a range of ingredients to reach the desired effect.

Sequoya’s modern plant extract refinement & CBD formulations laboratory staff mass produce CBD formulations as the ‘secret sauce’ for clients worldwide. Our in house Research & Development department works with clients to deliver tailor made formulations and unique novel solutions from beginning to end product of the development lifecycle. Sequoya’s pioneering solutions in creating both custom & stable formulations mean that Sequoya develops custom formulations integrated into novel medicines or new consumer goods products across Europe’s producers & FMCG distribution.

Integrating cannabinoids with consumer products

While working on tailor made formulations for clients our research & development department provides custom formulations and unique novel solutions throughout the beginning to end product development lifecycle.

While we are approached by major consumer goods producers and distributors looking to expand into new product lines marked as ‘hemp derived’ or that contain CBD or other cannabinoid compounds, our role is that of the subject matter expert in hemp extract ingredients, formulations and ultimately mass production. We therefore begin the process by consulting on planning integrating hemp extractions as an ingredient and consider practical options for production. We then follow through the development lifecycle with unique formulations and ultimately mass production.

Pioneering CBD Research & Development


Sequoya’s Quality Analysis, Quality Control department has developed standardised & highly accurate analysis methods that are applied during every stage of manufacturing products. By the time a client receives their product, they have been analysed 6 to 8 times and  the staff is able to release the products with extensive reports the product is produced exactly the clients desired specification.

Deep Expertise in Cannabinoid & Terpene Profiling

Our QA/QC Department provides
analysis of cannabinoids & terpenes

Gas Chromatography & HPLC methods at your service



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European CBD Private Label Industry News


Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical that is naturally found in hemp and cannabis. Cannabis is also extracted from hemp because of its high concentration. It is effective in treating anxiety, seizures, and reducing pain. CBD is highly demanded for its health-promoting properties. This is driving the European CBD market. Because it does not have psychoactive properties, cannabidiol oil is used most often for therapeutic purposes. Cannabidiol oils are used for many medical purposes, including anxiety, depression, stress relief diabetes prevention pain relief cancer symptoms and inflammation. Europe is predicted to grow at a profitable rate due to an increasing use of CBD-based treatments to treat ailments. Cannabidiol-based products are being increasingly used to treat acne, wrinkles and other skin conditions. Sephora, for instance, recently introduced its cannabidiol (or CBD) skincare line. A number of new companies have also entered the market with cannabidiol infused cosmetic products. In addition, major players and governments in the cannabinoid industry invest in research-and-development activities. In clinical trials, CBD is reported to be a treatment for epilepsy and various neurological conditions.

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