Cannabinoid CBD oil, distillate, isolate Production Facility

Sequoya is a European leader in hemp extraction, CBD oils, distillate, isolate formulation & production in the highest possible standards


Advanced CBD Product Manufacturing Facility

Introducing a facility where science innovation works directly with the best of the breed production standards, delivering advances in CBD products and consistent production volumes our clients can rely on

Advanced innovation
applied to hemp extracts

Sequoya’s European facility is Europe’s most advanced, standardized and versatile cannabinoid production facility leading to the production of a wide range of hemp derived products under EU standards & industry certifications.

Sequoya is GMP & ISO certified and commercial cannabis psychoactive (THC) & narcotics permits from the National Pharmaceutical Council.

The result is consistent cannabinoid ingredients supplying pharmaceuticals & supplement producers across global markets.

Advanced Cannabinoid Formulation
& Mass Production Lab

Custom facility geared to pioneer in developing new products & efficient mass manufacturing.

Pioneering in new cannabinoid product development & volume production output

Europe’s leading cannabinoid laboratory

We have taken cannabinoid formulation & CBD production to the next level, well beyond the existing cannabis industry standard, starting by using best of the breed lab standards from cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sequoya’s state of the art laboratories are designed to analyise, apply innovative R&D and mass produce a broad spectrum of cannabinoid compounds that act as ingredients in mass produced consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical products by major brands worldwide. Sequoya’s laboratory is versatile and designed to supply major brands across key industries; namely, cosmetics, food & beverage, nutraceuticals, supplements and pharmaceutical products.

Innovative cannabinoid R&D High-precision QA/QC Sequoya designed equipment State-of-the-art laboratory Uncompromising standards
We’re pushing the boundaries in CBD product development

Short Path Distillation & Preparative Chromatography

When Purity & Consistency is a Distinguishing Factor

Delivering Pure Product, Nothing Else.

At Sequoya, we have taken cannabinoid formulation & CBD production to the next level, well beyond the existing cannabis industry standard, starting by using best of the breed lab standards from cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Safe from psychoactive compounds

Well beyond the existing cannabis industry standard, starting by using best of the breed lab standards from cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


Everything begins with the extraction stage and has a direct impact on product quality, the versatility of products and the efficiency with which later stages operate during production. The desired quality and consistency of raw extract simply can’t be compromised, that’s why our primary extraction line consists of Vitalis Technologies SFE CO2 extraction machines.

CO2 Industrial Extraction Plant

Powerful, Accurate, Consistent, Clean Tech

Supercritical / Subcritical
  • Clean CO2 Extraction
  • Precise Parameter Control
  • Perfect Consistency
  • 100% Food Grade Compliant
  • GMP Cerified

Europe’s Most Advanced Custom Cannabinoid Extraction Plant

The heart of our production is Sequoya’s custom Vitalis Technologies extraction line, unique on a European scale, designed and manufactured according to Sequoya’s special specifications.

Our line of Vitalis extraction systems are GMP Food-Grade certified, which guarantees production standards and the highest quality of the device and validated process repeatability. It enables supercritical and subcritical extraction. Is designed, fabricated, and tested in accordance with the latest ASME BPVC, CSA codes and follow industry best practices for sanitary design with


Supercritical Extraction

  • Ultra-High Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • High Heat
  • Direct Cannabinoid Targeting

This method is the most common when extracting large volumes of cannabinoids. When CO2 is heated it undertakes both of a gas & liquid properties simultaneously, becoming what is called a supercritical fluid. In this state the supercritical liquid acts as a solvent and slips into porous plant materials, enabling clean and accurate separation of the desired plant crude extract. Therefore, with respect to plants like hemp or cannabis, the supercritical fluid gently dissolves the membrane of the trichomes capturing their active and sought after compounds.

Supercritical systems produce a substance with the consistency of peanut butter. Higher temperatures and pressures used in supercritical systems can extract much larger molecules such as omega 3 and 6 lipids, waxes & chlorophyll that are removed through a process called winterization—leaving behind just the sought after pure cannabinoid oil

Subcritical Extraction

  • Low Pressure: varies
  • Low Heat
  • Direct Terpene Targeting

This method is ideal when extracting terpenes or more delicate aspects of the plant. Subcritical CO2 extraction is a similar process to supercritical; except it uses lower pressures & temperatures than supercritical CO2 extraction.

This process is longer and produces somewhat smaller yields over the same period, however it retains and protects fragile plant constituents like essential oils, terpenes and other sensitive compounds & chemicals within the plant. These are highly desirable when producing full-spectrum hemp or cannabis products and particularly extracts for the premium cosmetics industry. These temperature and pressure differences result in very different cannabis, hemp or herb based products.


At the heart of Sequoya’s facility is the Quality Analysis, Quality Control Department. The QAQC validates batches across all production stages, specializes in cannabinoid testing, hemp biomass analysis & production validation for consumer goods producers, CBD extractors and universities across Europe.

Meet Our ‘Central Nervous System’ Where Precise Analystics Knows No Compromise


4 Pillars of Production

Leading innovation across extraction methods, refined cannabinoid formulations, production efficiency processes and continually raising the bar in cannabis & cannabinoid production standards.

Utilizing top laboratory instruments the world has to offer coupled with some of Europe’s most talented staff Sequoya delivers a wide range of hemp derived products as cannabinoid based ingredients for consumer goods manufacturers worldwide.

Guiding Industry Standards & Certifications

Sequoya’s operations are strictly standards based and fully certified. Namely, as an EU GMP Food Grade Certified facility all stages adhere to the highest possible standards, including HACCP and fully Food Safety Compliant and Food Safety & Sanitation Certification (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate).

These standards are carried through utilizing only certified hemp strains with certificates of analysis. This assures our clients the standards required to use Sequoya products across all popular consumer applications.

We are currently in the process
of acquiring further standards
certifications, please stay tuned.

Sequoya’s commitment to quality, innovation & ethical business practices

Standards & Quality Controls

To provide our valued customers with superior standards and quality controls as well as reliability and service by operating from and maintaining fully compliant EU GMP certified facilities.

Innovation & Modernization

Continuously improving on perfection by continuously developing new & advanced solutions that lead the industry in global trends & practices in terms of extraction processes, quality, safety, purity and R&D that benefit our clients & consumers globally.

Integrity & Authenticity

Integrity, honesty and authenticity through transparency, and reflected in all our operations guaranteein g our professionalism while always stressing the importance of the values we pursue and adhere to.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Building strong relationships and partnerships with clients through genuine collaboration, a willingness to serve, understanding the nature of their requirements, upholding our commitments and always guaranteeing satisfaction.

Unwaivering committment to quality & consistency

  • GMP Food Grade
  • Food Sanitation Compliant
  • Sequoya Quality Guarantee
  • Pharma & Hospital Build Materials
  • Quality Checks & Records
  • Clean Rooms
  • Safety & Security Procedures

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Utilizing the most advanced industry extraction methods and technologies along with a full scale state-of-the-art production laboratory Sequoya delivers a wide range of hemp derived ingredients for consumer goods producers