White Label Product News: Sequoya Extends White Label Dietary Supplements & Sports Nutrition Gummies Lineup to 19 Products in 2024

author: Sequoya Product Team

Exciting new for dietary supplement and sports nutrition brands! Sequoya Biotechnologies is thrilled to introduce our expanded white label supplements infused gummies product line for leading dietary supplement brands and sports nutrition brands — a fantastic opportunity for your brand’s growth. We’re the leading supplements private label innovator & contract manufacturer for leading brands, and we’ve recently taken a big step to offer you 19 innovative gummies.


Our Comprehensive New 2024 White Label Supplement Gummies Line

  1. Vit C + Zinc Dietary Supplement Gummies
  2. Vit D3 + Zinc Dietary Supplement Gummies
  3. Vit A,D,E,C B6, B12 Dietary Supplement Gummies
  4. B Complex (B5, B9, B12) Dietary Supplement Gummies
  5. Biotin + Zink + B5, B9, D12, D3 Dietary Supplement Gummies
  6. Creatine 0.6gr Gummy dome 3gr size for Sports Nutra    NEW
  7. Creatine 6gr EXTRA Gummy Bar 40gr size for Sports Nutra   COMING IN FEB.
  8. Protein 6gr Gummy Bar in 40gram size for sports nutrition     COMING IN FEB.
  9. Collagen Supplement Gummies  (Verisol or fish collagen 300mg or 833mg)   NEW
  10. Collagen Supplement Gummies    NEW
  11. Melatonin Supplement Gummies
  12. Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement Gummies    NEW
  13. Ashwagandha Supplement Gummies
  14. Caffeine 5mg Supplement Gummies
  15. Caffeine 25mg Supplement Gummies    NEW
  16. Caffeine 35mg Supplement Gummies Sport+    NEW
  17. Caffeine 15mg + Creatine Supplement Sports Gummies    NEW
  18. CBD 5mg, 10mg and 15mg Supplement Gummies
  19. Libido S(for him & for Her) supplement Gummies    NEW


Why You Should Be Excited?

Our journey began with the launch of a White Label line featuring 10 dietary supplement-infused gummies, which became a hit among major dietary supplement brands and sports nutrition brands worldwide. To meet growing demand, we’ve created 9 additional gummies infused with the most trending supplements, expanding our white label product line to 19.

Our mission? To provide dietary supplement and sports nutrition brands like yours with a diverse range of options to satisfy your customers’ ever-changing preferences.


World’s Largest White Label Supplement Gummies Line for Brands

The further expansion of our supplement infused gummies to a total of 19 white label supplement products offers brands the largest selection of gummies supplement products for production. Global supplements brands may now extend many of their exiting top selling supplement and sports nutrition products in mainstream formal of capsules or powders to newly trending gummies.

Certain supplement products typically require larger doses; namely, Protein or Creatine typically in the form of powders. In this particular case Sequoya has developed Supplement Bars with 40 and containing over 6grams of active ingredients. These product developments represent a whole new level of supplement-infused gummies for sports nutrition. Sequoya’s Protein Gummies Bars and Whey Creatine Gummies Bars are the only ones on the market.


The Supplement Gummy Revolution

Supplements infused in gummies represent a monumental shift in the health and wellness industry. Gummies are quickly emerging as the most popular and successful product for infusing various dietary supplements and sports nutrition ingredients. Their delicious taste and convenient format make them a preferred choice for consumers across all age groups.


White Label Gummies Packaged & Labelled Under Your Brand

True to the white label format, all products are tried and tested formulations, ready to be packed under our clients brands. There’s the usual packaging format of 60 gummies (180grams) in a clear 250ml PET jars. With labeling optionally mat or gloss and optional box. Understandably some brand shave more unique packaging that we are more that capable to apply in the final packaging stages.


Supplement Growth Trends in the Market

The global sports nutrition market was valued at USD 45.24 billion in 2023, with Europe accounting for a substantial 64% share. This growth is fuelled by the increasing health-consciousness among consumers and the demand for convenient supplement delivery methods. The popularity of gummies is evident in their rapid rise as a significant portion of the total dietary supplements and sports nutrition market.

In Europe and the U.S., the trend towards gummies as a preferred supplement delivery method is undeniable. These delightful and effective gummies are replacing traditional capsules and powders, offering a tastier and more convenient way for consumers to meet their daily dietary supplement needs.


Fuel Your Business Growth

Our 17 White Label gummies offer your brand an incredible opportunity for expansion. Whether you specialize in dietary supplements or sports nutrition, these gummies have the potential to make a significant impact on your business. With Sequoya Biotechnologies as your contract manufacturer, you can provide your customers with the latest trends in supplement delivery, offering convenience and enhanced nutrient absorption.


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