Sequoya’s White Label Supplement Gummies & Soft-Gels Shake the Wellness Industry

author: Sequoya

The European dietary supplements market size is approx USD $18billion in 2021 and growing rapidly. That’s lead to some companies innovating, here’s a look at emerging trends in the wellness industry and learn how to expand your customer reach with supplements in the form of gummies and soft gel capsules.

High-quality dietary supplements: from softgel capsules to gummies.

As we delve further into the world of health, wellness and sports nutrition, supplements in various new forms are taking over the shelves of stores all over the world. From gummies to soft gels, containing popular supplements like melatonin, multivitamins to new CBD-infused supplements, there are new innovative product options for brands looking to stay ahead of consumer trends adapting to changing daily routines and lifestyles.

Despite the wide availability of products such as traditional vitamins, pills, and oils, many consumers are now turning to more convenient forms of supplements as both lifestyles and consumer awareness continue to evolve. According to the studies, the “preferred format”, not a brand or the price of a product, is the key factor that influences consumer’s decision making when it comes to supplements in Europe.

If your organization is exploring new supplement trends and product options to stay ahead of consumer trends this article highlights key factors to consider when considering either immediate supply of White Label products and equally more complex new supplement formulas delivering private label products.

Supplements in the Form of Gummies and Their Benefits.

Gummies are in some ways similar to a candy in how they look and feel, however they are essentially flavourful supplements in the chewy form. Gummies aren’t just for kids, though. According to the recent report, the adults gummy supplements segment held the largest market share in Europe in 2020. With the mental and physical well-being revolution in full swing, this number is only apt to increase for this new convenient form of supplements.

Apart from that, a so-called “pill fatigue” described in the recent report caused consumers to opt for gummies more often in recent years. As a result, the European gummy supplements market is expected to grow from US$ 2,381.91 million in 2021 to US$ 4,201.89 million by 2028.

A delicious way to get a daily dose of vitamins, caffeine, biotin or CBD, gummies are also:

  • Incredibly convenient and easy to consume, making them a great way to help manage pain or stress on the go.
  • Easier and faster for the body to digest compared to pills due to being chewable.
  • When it comes to CBD gummies, much easier to dose than CBD Oils in tincture form, more discreet way to consume CBD without having to worry about the strong odor associated with hemp.
  • Specifically Gummies open up new possibilities of target groups; such as, supplements for children, sports nutrition and for example caffeine infused for adults as an alternative for energy drinks or coffee.

If you are looking to source white label gummies, a supplement gummies manufacturer that is rigorous about testing & committed to quality products is certainly essential. Sequoya is a leading European manufacturer with advanced custom formulation technologies and deep regulatory expertise. This makes us the right partner for every supplements, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical brand that strives to introduce highest-quality innovative products to the market and wow the customers.

True to Sequoya’s nature of continually innovating, Sequoya offers contract manufacturing for custom gummy supplements and launched a full line eleven supplements, ready for order in the form of gummies and continually adding new versions:

  • Vitamins C, B (focus complex) and D (immunity complex with zinc);
  • Multivitamin complex gummies;
  • Hair and Nails complex with biotin and zinc;
  • Good Sleep complex with melatonin;
  • Energy gummies with caffeine;
  • CBD and hemp terpene gummies.

The gummies come in various flavors (orange, strawberry, kiwi, hemp) and shapes (domes, bars, and even bear shape). Vegan, Pectin and sugar-free options are also available, so no matter what your needs are, Sequoya can surely meet them.

The Benefits of Softgel Capsules

From 2017 to 2021 the use of soft gel supplements grew 6.5% in Europe and the demand seems to be bigger than ever before. This is because softgel capsules provide a fast and easy way to consume vitamins and other nutritional elements with precise dosing. Apart from that, they are easy to swallow, barely have any taste or smell, which makes them especially appealing to consumers.

For businesses looking to bring their product offerings to the next level, custom formulations are available as private label contract manufacturing. Sequoya’s supplements product range has expanded to include softgel cbd and hemp capsules, as well as mainstream supplements such as herbal Ayurveda and daily vitamin supplements (vitamin A, B, C, D E, zinc, biotin, melatonin, caffeine softgel capsules).

Partnering with a reliable softgel capsules manufacturer when launching unique and impactful products that fit into any niche – is a smoother process from start to finish & product launch. Investing in softgel capsules is an excellent way to give your business an edge within the industry.

Sequoya: The Best Partner in the Business

Are you looking to strengthen your market position or enter the world of supplements? Sequoya Biotechnologies is a European manufacturer of natural extracts for use as ingredients in consumer products; as well as, finished formulated & packaged products for clients in the supplements, nutraceuticals, food & beverage & sports nutrition industries. Operating across a broad spectrum of industries has offered broad insight, translating to product innovation, manufacturing techniques and quality of products. Partner with a leading European manufacturer that can create unique products tailored to the exact specifications of your consumer base.

Having worked with over 260 clients in 23 countries, Sequoya is a trusted partner at the forefront of supplement innovation, Sequoya Biotechnologies can support your organization’s private-label supplement needs from inception to product launch. We employ the latest technology in production and analysis and are committed to delivering products on time, on budget and capable to scale as your distribution grows.

Whether you’re looking to buy gummies or capsules in bulk, wholesale gummies, white-label gummies, or private-label capsules — Sequoya makes the process smooth, delivered exactly as planned and clients can depend on the company’s experience from start to finish.