Wholesale CBD Isolate for Big Brands in Europe

author: Sequoya Team

With the rapidly expanding CBD market in Europe, the need for high-quality, legally-compliant CBD isolate is imperative to European brand manufacturers in cosmetics, the emerging CBD pharmaceutical industry, and supplements industry where legal.

Here at Sequoya, our mission is to provide the European consumer market with pure, THC free, highly consistent in the desired quality, and certified CBD isolates for the products that manufacturers are creating for the consumer. So what is it exactly that sets our CBD isolate apart from that of other European companies?


1) The State of the European CBD Market

The first thing to consider is the rapidly growing CBD market in Europe. While the EU laws around CBD in edible form is still being sorted, CBD has generally been legalized across the board in Europe. This has made way for a revolution of natural health options, benefitting both CBD businesses and consumers. But not all CBD compounds are created equal.

In an effort to ensure that the products ultimately reaching the market were of good quality, the EU is forming stricter standards of compliance for hemp extract or cannabinoid products. And in turn, manufacturers are seeking out CBD producers with strict production standards, including GMP Food Grade Certification, HACCP, National Sanitation Permits to name a few.

Not only is Sequoya’s CBD isolates GMP Food Grade Certified, but the facility also has government-approved HACCP, food-grade sanitation accreditation & a government-approved facility for cosmetics. Additionally, our products can be made to be 100% THC free or with THC, making us the ideal CBD partner/supplier for European manufacturers.

2) Sequoya’s Hemp Extract CBD Isolate

Through our high-tech refinement process at our newly-built, state-of-the-art, and highly-controlled GMP Food Grade Certified facility, we are able to deliver an extremely clean and high-quality CBD isolate product. Because of our modern facility, refinement process, and commitment to product quality, our hemp extract CBD isolate boasts a purity rate of 99.5+%.

Sequoya offers hemp products and CBD isolates through both CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. Our products derived through ethanol extraction allow for greater mass production of hemp/CBD products, while our products derived through CO2 extraction appeal to producers who require specific extraction techniques using the cleanest extraction methods. Our CO2 extracted products are also perfect for the manufacturers who are looking for specific cannabinoids and terpenes–targeting extraction of various cannabinoids and terpenes is best controlled using CO2 extraction machines like the ones that you will find in our modern facility.

3) Thorough Production Compliance

At Sequoya, we have the highest compliance standards for our products in Europe.  All of our hemp products, including our CBD isolates, are GMP Food Grade Certified, and notably, we are in process of Pharmaceutical API level EU GMP accreditation. As a company, Sequoya adheres to the highest standards of regulatory compliance to best serve our clients’ broad product manufacturing needs in the cosmetics, food, supplements, and pharmaceutical industries.

This is yet another reason we are the ideal choice for hemp products and CBD isolates for European manufacturers–we are a European company producing hemp-derived isolates and hemp extracts for other European companies. We understand every aspect of compliance and legality surrounding the European hemp and CBD industry and its products. And we know how to deliver the kind of CBD compounds that our clients need to make their specific product the best that it can be.

In many cases, before supplying consumer brand manufacturers, our staff act as consultants in the early stages of product development. The larger the consumer goods manufacturer or brand, the more Sequoya is asked for involvement early on.

4) Cannabinoids (CBD) emerging in popularity among the Pharmaceutical industry 

While still in the early stages, the pharmaceutical industry is showing a steady interest in cannabinoid use in non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs. We are seeing more and more calls for supply and collaboration from pharmaceutical companies across Europe and dermatological product companies, while several OTC and prescription drugs are already sold across North America and Europe.

5) We Meet a Need in the Exploding Market for CBD Isolates by Established Producers

There is a growing demand for high-quality CBD isolates because of their versatility for so many different hemp-based/CBD-based products. From food and beverage items (where legal) to cosmetics to nutraceuticals, supplements to the emerging pharmaceutical industry in CBD, the wide variety of product possibilities in the European hemp/CBD market is virtually endless. And our CBD isolates are perfect for any of these types of products.

Sequoya works with major consumer packaged goods manufacturers across Europe that produce a wide range of products, including products like cosmetics, such as lotions, face creams, collagen masks, skin treatments, and others; hemp-derived supplements; CBD-infused food and beverages like gummies, chocolate, coffee, and beverage enhancers. And these are just a few examples of CBD products that Sequoya’s CBD isolates are perfect for! From our extraction methods to our strict compliance protocols, manufacturers can be sure that no matter what product they are creating, it will be of the highest quality and standard and will be formulated to the exact specification for a clients’ product. This is our guarantee when you are using Sequoya CBD isolates or other forms of our bulk produced hemp extracts.


Are you ready to launch a new and competitive CBD product on the European market or take your existing products to the next level? Do you want to know that your products are being made with the best CBD isolates and hemp extracts you can find on the European market? Do you have questions about how our product is best for your needs? You can contact us here and we would love to answer any questions that you may have or help you get started creating your own unique, high-quality, EU compliant CBD and hemp products.