The popularity of CBD oil. Where did the success of this product come from?

author: Sequoya Team

In many countries of the world, there has been a heated discussion for years on a wider opening of the market for the so-called medical marijuana. It is worth knowing that it has been legal on the Vistula River since November 2017, but it is still difficult to obtain (and only on prescription). It is completely different in the case of CBD-containing hemp products, including oils. Anyone can buy and use them. and the data shows that their sales are successively growing. What exactly is the reason for the popularity of CBD oil? What is worth knowing about it?

How is CBD oil made?

It is a product obtained from hemp (not to be confused with Indian hemp!), which is a very rich source of so-called cannabinoids. There are over 80 of them, but the most famous is cannabidiol.

CBD oil does not have a narcotic effect, because at the production stage it is purified of psychoactive THC. Thanks to this, the product can be legally offered on the market.

At our Sequoya facility, the method used to obtain CBD oil is supercritical CO2 extraction. It guarantees the extraction of up to 97% of most valuable ingredients from the plant, not only cannabinoids, but also terpenes, ADEK vitamins, omega 3 and 6 acids and numerous minerals.

CBD oil is made from special varieties of industrial hemp – rich in CBD, but low in THC.

Sequoya uses whole plants to produce. This has two significant advantages. First of all: it is an ecological action (the potential of nature is not wasted). Secondly, the obtained oil is rich not only in CBD, but also in other cannabinoids. Thanks to this, the final product has a synergy effect – cannabinoids complement each other’s properties, which increases the therapeutic potential.

Increasing awareness

Although you can still meet with a fairly common opinion that hemp products are ordinary drugs, the knowledge of Poles on this subject has clearly deepened in recent years.

The topic of CBD was even addressed by the World Health Organization, which in its report recognized that pure cannabidiol is a safe substance for the human body. Further research into the therapeutic potential of this agent and other cannabinoids is announced. This information reaches societies around the world, as a result of which we observe a gradual change in the approach to hemp products, including the so-called medical marijuana.

The trend to be eco

There is no denying that the exponential growth of interest in CBD oil and other hemp products is partly caused by the fashion for ecological, natural methods of therapy, nutrition and cosmetics. Hemp has been accompanying man for centuries, and in terms of composition, it can be safely included among the most valuable plants on our planet.

The ingredients contained in hemp have a very positive effect on the human body. It is worth mentioning that each person has the so-called the endocannabinoid system, formed by cannabinoid receptors. Their role is hard to overestimate. They answer, among others for the proper functioning of the nervous or immune system, as well as for healthy sleep and good appetite. Cannabinoids contained in hemp stimulate these receptors, which has a direct impact on improving the comfort of life.