The Leading European Market Cannabis Companies in 2023

author: Sequoya

The legal cannabis market in Europe is currently undergoing an important evolution, and this is expected to continue for at least the remainder of this decade. Germany is leading the way in adult-use reform. The legalization model for Europe’s cannabis industry is also taking shape.

In Europe, the medical cannabis industry is growing in size and scope. Products that are low in THC or concentrate on other cannabinoids, such as CBD, have become more popular and available. There are many industry projections, but it is likely that they will be conservative by the end of this decade.

In the coming years, Europe will produce cannabis companies which will serve as titans in the continent’s new cannabis industry for many decades. The top cannabis companies (in no particular sequence) are listed below.

Valcon MedicalValcon-Medical is a European EU GMP Certified manufacturer of Medical Cannabis extract containing THC and CBD as the dominant compound.  Their state-of-the-art facility is located in Denmark, products such as Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil are in accordance with the German Monograph for cannabis extracts, DAB Eingestellter Cannabisextract (up to standardization), and the European Pharmacopoeia, Ph..

BedrocanBedrocan produce five cannabis plant varieties or products for the development of medicine, patients and clinical use. Each cannabis product has a specific active ingredient and is standardized to pharmaceutical standards. Each stage of the production process is GMP certified (good manufacturing practices).

Sanity GroupSanity Group was founded in Berlin by Finn Age Hansel & Fabian Friede in 2018. It includes Vayamed & AVAAY Medical, Endosane Pharmaceuticals, Belfry Medical, VAAY, and This Place, natural cosmetics. Sanity Group operates a cannabis extraction production and processing plant near Frankfurt am Main.

Cansativa GroupCansativa are the central platform of the German Cannabis Agency. The company assists the German government in facilitating medical cannabis transactions.

Tilray  – Tilray are global leaders in cannabis cultivation, processing, research, and distribution. The company’s goal is to legitimize and define the future cannabis industry. It does this by creating the most trusted cannabis company in the world. Tilray is the first GMP certified medical cannabis producer. It supplies cannabis flower and extracts to tens and thousands of patients, doctors, pharmacies and hospitals on five continents.

CanninteligenceCannIntelligence provide independent, detailed regulatory and market intelligence and data for the global cannabis sector.

DentonsDentons Law Firm are two of the world’s leading law firms. They represent clients in a wide range of industries and have a special area of practice dedicated to the cannabis industry.

Weeco – Weeco are European operators with a focus on the development of medical cannabis products. The company designs dispensing technologies, conducts cannabis research and produces pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products.

fluencefluence creates lighting solutions to control the environment for commercial crop production including cannabis. Fluence uses the latest photobiology research, evidence-based engineering, precise engineering and advanced technology in order to create a healthier, more sustainable cannabis industry.

DEMECANDEMECAN The only independent German company authorized to cultivate medical cannabis in Germany. The production facility of DEMECAN is located near Dresden. Its main focus is on ensuring the high quality of DEMECAN cannabis products.

HAPA Pharm – HAPA Pharm is a German company that operates internationally with a focus on the development, production, and distribution of cannabinoid-containing products.

CannavigiaCannavigia are Europe’s leading compliance software that allows businesses to track, secure and simplify transactions throughout the cannabis supply chain. The proprietary system of the company provides transparency to individual processes. Modules for cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of goods made from cannabis are interconnected.

Mary Jane CBD  – Marry-Jane CBD, is a Swiss retailer that specializes in CBD products. These include oils, tinctures and cosmetics.

BATHERABATHERA are licensed wholesale medical cannabis companies based in Germany. BATHERA is committed to the responsible trading of medical cannabis.

Storz & BickelStorz & Bickel created the Volcano which is still regarded as one of best cannabis consumption devices in the world despite its introduction to the public over 20 years ago. Storz and Bickel products are the industry standard in cannabis consumption.

Paradise Seeds – Paradise Seeds were founded in Amsterdam in 1994 by Luc Krol. Paradise Seeds has won more than 50 cups in various cannabis cups since 1999. They also have received honorable mentions such as Plant of the Year for Sensi Star, published by High Times magazine.

BovedaBoveda make patented two-way humidification control pouches which preserve the potent effects, rich aromas and delicious flavors of cannabis. These pouches are designed to be used with cannabis flowers in order to extend their shelf life.

420 Pharma420 Pharma are medical cannabis producers in Germany. The company has its own brand of cannabis, “420”, which includes flower and full spectrum extracts.

FuturolaFuturola is the leading brand in Amsterdam for personal consumption products and rolling papers. The company has products sold all over the world, including rolling machines and other rolling accessories.

CannaMedicalCannamedical are one of the largest independent licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers, in Europe. They specialize in medical cannabis. The company produces content as well as the ‘CannaAcademy’

PLAGRONPLAGRON are reliable producers and suppliers of high-quality substrates and fertilizers for personal and commercial cannabis gardens.

Sensi SeedsSensi Seeds were pioneers in the cannabis seed business. The company has over 500 different varieties of cannabis seeds. The genetics, as well as the brand name, have become classics within the cannabis community. Sensi seeds genetics was also chosen by the Dutch government to create the medical cannabis sold in pharmacies.

Canopy GrowthCanopy Growth Corporation are world-leading cannabis companies. Canopy has developed a variety of brands and strains, supported by millions of square feet indoor greenhouse production, and partnered with leading names in the industry.

Quality Services International – QSI are accredited laboratories with the latest laboratory equipment, and a highly-skilled staff that is continuously trained. The company has been certified to perform GMP analyses of medical cannabis.

The LUX99 and the LUX99 provide express delivery of medical marijuana products in Germany. Two pharmacies are also part of the family-owned, 2 and generation company.

Cannovum Cannabis AB – Cannovum Cannabis AB is a medical cannabis company that believes every patient should receive the best possible therapy.


That would be a partial list of an ever growing medical cannabis and legal marijuana market in Europe. The ecosystem of service providers, product manufacturers for all stages of manufacturing, from cannabis farms to farming equipment, specialised logistics and analytics service providers, CBD and medical cannabis processors and product contract manufacturers and finally to new CBD and cannabis brands.