Broad Spectrum CBD Oil vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil  – What are the differences?

author: Product Team

Sequoya Biotechnologies has three base types of high quality premium CBD Oils, each with different cannabinoid profile for wellness, supplements or medicinal uses, which clients choose based on their target market but in large part driven by local market legal limitations. Clients, may also customise any of these CBD Oils with added supplement active ingredients, vitamins, flavours and so on.

Lets first dive into the three types of CBD Oils: Full-Spectrum CBD Broad-Spectrum CBD, and Isolated CBD.

What are the differences and what type of CBD would be best for you or your brand ?

What is Full spectrum CBD (or Cannabidiol) ?
Full-spectrum CBD Oil is the most cannabinoid rich product of all these. This product harnesses the complete natural plant compound spectrum, with all the cannabinoids, including THC. This product includes flavonoids, and terpenes, makes up the full spectrum. This product is in demand because it is believed that hemp extract CBD Oil works best when CBD oil contains all the rich plant compounds are present as nature intended.

Worth noting that THC level is one of primary differentiators among the products and it is available in the highest levels. Still THC needs to be within the legal limits, in Europe that is most often 0.2%, although in some countries it is 0.3% for example. THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, is what gives the plant its ‘high.’ At the legal levels that impact is minimal but is stuffiest to

Sequoya’s CBD Full Spectrum Oils and distillates products will have trace levels of THC, which is well below the legal limit in Europe at 0.2% and for example the UK at 0.3% and Switzerland it’s 1%. You can get all the benefits of this CBD product without necessarily experiencing any psychoactive effects given that the THC level is still relatively low.


What are Broad Spectrum CBD Oils?
The main differentiator of a Broad Spectrum CBD in contrast to Full Spectrum CBD product is that Broad contains very low THC levels at 0.05%. This is often considered as below detectable levels. These broad-spectrum cannabis products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and some consider this to slightly less potent than full-spectrum because THC is almost completely removed. However, there are two groups where one group is sure the 0.2% THC is essential for the full benefits and the other side believes the reduction is really negligible difference.

Broad Spectrum’s nearly zero THC level is a safer product with respect to it’s perception with legal authorities which tend to be fairly sensitive to THC levels. However, the laws around THC tolerance and use in various industries and product applications continue to evolve, the most recent updates of Europe adopted maximum levels of THC in food are available with European Industry Hemp Association (EIHA).

There are also consumer groups that rather avoid THC, for example parents rather avoid any THC when it comes to younger members of the family. Or in case the parents themselves work in a career where random drug test may occur and even small amounts of THC can accumulate in the body which can risk failing a test.


What are CBD Oils from CBD Isolate?
CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. CBD Isolate is cannabidiol compound completely isolated from all other cannabinoids and purified to 99%. It comes in a crystalline form which is frequently grinded to fine white or off-white powder. CBD isolate is also completely odourless and tasteless.

CBD isolate is entirely void of any THC. CBD Isolate oil is commonly used in cases where the product is sold in markets with zero THC tolerance or for medical products. CBD Oils based on Isolate is usually packaged in 30ml bottles, based on an MCT carrier oil. The isolate’s pure form makes it easier to apply precise dosing for patients. Of course the trade off the lack of the entourage of Full or Broad spectrum varieties.

Because Oils based on isolate are odourless and tasteless, Sequoya provides the option to add ingredients such as natural hemp terpenes. Alternatively, CBD isolate may be homogenised with a hemp seed oil to add a delicate help flavour and odour.


Which CBD oils are best for athletes?
CBD oils in it’s various forms has benefits for athletes, many star athletes swear by it’s benefits. Full Spectrum CBD has the benefit of all the cannabinoids and terpenes delivering the maximum effect. The challenge comes if an athletes needs to get tested for various substances, there is where even the small concentrations of THC in Full Spectrum will be detected. Over time CBD oil’s THC will build up in the system, while this is not harmful it will not pass a test.

Which CBD product should I choose?
All types of CBD have health benefits for the body. There is a evidence that combined cannabinoids; such as, CBD and THC taken together with flavonoids and terpenes may have a greater effect than either one cannabinoid.

We’ll look into this further…

What is The Entourage Effect exactly?
Why do European CBD legal products still contain full spectrum CBD? There isa difference between legal THC levels and being able to register a product, for example as a supplement. There are completely different regulatory bodies deciding what is legal and what may be official registered as a supplement or food.

The entourage effect is the reason why trace amounts of THC are in our products.

It is the aspect of combined cannabinoids working together in harmony that gives rise to the entourage effect. It is widely believed that layering a variety of cannabinoids together will increase the benefits of CBD. Although largely based on anecdotal data, there has been a suggestion that CBD with a greater spectrum of cannabinoids is more beneficial.

With that in mind, let’s look at:

The full-spectrum CBD has a greater effect on the body than broad spectrum CBD, which does not contain THC. And broad-spectrum CBD has a greater effect than CBD isolate which only contains CBD.


Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD?
We always suggest using full-spectrum first, unless you are regularly undergoing drug testing. They tend to produce the best results. Full-spectrum CBD is a great choice because it can be used for a variety of reasons.

You need stronger pain relief for a variety of ailments
You want to benefit from the entourage effects
You like earthy flavours
You want to buy a product that is more natural and less refined

Why Choose Broad Spectrum CBD?
Sequoya offers a range of wide-spectrum CBD Products. While they won’t make you “high”, these small amounts of THC may show up during a drug or workplace test.

If you want to stay away from THC but want the other non-psychoactive cannabis compounds, there are many options available.
Enjoy the earthy taste profile
Want as much natural product without THC as you can?


Why Choose CBD Isolate?
We’re not kidding when we say that some drug tests do not just test for THC but for all cannabinoids. That is why our line of CBD isolate was created to make sure people who regularly undergo drug testing can still benefit from CBD.

You’ll lose out on the entourage effects, but 2015 suggests that CBD is beneficial even when taken alone. CBD isolate is a good option if you:

If you want an odourless, flavourless product
CBD is the only cannabinoid you want because of your regular drug tests.
Take large amounts of CBD to avoid taking excessive THC
Uses & Applications
Orange County uses full spectrum CBD in all our premium oils. This gives our customers the chance to receive any and all wellness benefits they desire from CBD.

because many of our clients are in Europe where the presence of THC in products can problematic when registering products or generally with food safety authorities. Our products tend to be more broad-spectrum than full spectrum, such as the most popular topicals, CBD oil with a stronger flavour, our CBD Gummies.

Answering the question about full-spectrum CBD versus broad-spectrum CBD can be a simple task: the real difference comes down to THC. These two are very different from CBD isolate.

This question is primarily discussed in the CBD community because THC has been a major issue throughout the CBD’s history.

The entourage effect is beneficial to both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD, enhancing your CBD experience. Some people choose one or the other. Others consider both interchangeable.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us